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eR4u - Easy Retail For You

India’s 1st Billing Software with Artificial Intelligence that generates Sales Bill in just 6 seconds & enters Purchase Invoices in 10 seconds.

ER4U (Easy Retail For You) has been designed and developed, putting to use advanced technology, to make it much easier for the retailer to enhance its business operations much more effectively. Our multi-faceted, multi-featured software is all blessed with accuracy, flexibility, ease of operations, data security, operational control and much more - means, you do not have to worry over anything. All that you can desire in your modern POS has now culminated in ER4U.

Best in market for -

Easy Billing / Sales / Barcode Management

Fastest Inventory Management

Most easy and interactive User Interface

24/7 support with Unique Whats App support

Quick & Easy installation

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eRe4u - Easy Restaurant For You

Easiest and fastest Restaurant POS Software with Artificial Intelligence is an All-in-one solution that actually helps in growing your restaurant. ERE4U - Restaurant POS Solution aids you to know the handy table details, occupied table detail and summary for a table on the floor. We also provide SMS integration, which lets the owner comprehend daily billing amount and also essential for customer relationship administration.!!!

Best in market for -

KOT & Billing

Stock & Kitchen Management Recipe & Food Costing

Multi User / Location POS

Loyalty System with SMS & Membership Cards

Customer Feedback System

Inventory tracking,

Table ordering and manages all transaction


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eFe4u Easy Feedback for you

Heads up! Buyers don’t operate by our rules anymore. We live in the Age of the Buyer. They decide wherever they get their information, what distinguishes a superior experience, and how to exercise their opinions and buying power. The smartest businesses are listening and adapting. By surveying buyers directly, you can analyze their feedback and take action to make alterations that increase loyalty. It’s been proven over and over that the cost of retaining a customer is much more cost-effective than obtaining a new one—so you need to make them happy.
Establish your connection with buyers, increase retention, recognize key drivers of satisfaction, respond to customer service issues in real-time, and enhance your products and services by producing a Voice of the Customer program with Inquisium.

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WM Simplify Wealth Management Simplify

The fastest growing portfolio management & trading software that advisors love to use

WM Simplfy endeavours to become the most trusted financial planners of India, trying to simplify the complicated subject of Financial Planning.

There is a lot of dependency on the livelihood earner of the family, who spends approximately 25-40 years of their life to accommodate for inherent needs like wedding, pregnancy, study/marriage of the kids, buying a house/car, vacations and retirement. Though these requirements are obvious, some tend to them adequately and some find it remarkably difficult to manage. This is one of the most prevalent problem-area flowing out of an ad-hoc method while it comes to planning for one’s self. As far as investments are concerned, investors end up buying what 'Companies want to sell' rather than what 'they need to buy'. Here, iplan helps you make informed financial decisions that truly serves your purpose.


WM’s advisory panel has years of collective experience in investment advisory, financial planning, asset management, and banking services at the topmost financial institutions of India. At WM, high-end sophisticated methodology and research tools are used to provide the investors with the most efficient and unbiased solutions, as per their risk appetite, which is also in tandem with their financial goals. Just share your requirements for short term or long term goals, and we do everything for you systematically.

WM team comprises of expert financial planners who know the knacks and ways of saving every penny wisely. We know that every client has unique problems, and so are the solutions!

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